Intro & Pricing


Introducing Vimac:

Bridging 80 years of Intubation and Traditional Laryngoscopy
with the Newest State-of-the-Art Video Laryngoscope.

“Impressive”, “Genius”, “Legendary”, “Wow”, “Fits in Any Drawer”,
“Very Interesting”, “Feels like a Standard Laryngoscope”

Introducing The Best in the Market, the Vimac Video Laryngoscope.
Endorsed by the Inventor of “All” Video Laryngoscopes,
Dr. Jon Berall.

Live Testimonials of Awesome Medical
Innovation & Invention

ViMAC Pricing

The Complete OnTop Sets: $5500
The Complete OnSide Sets: $5500
Ind. VLs w/accessories: $2250
Xtra VL handles: $950 ea.
Disposable Blades: $749 per 100.
Most Models are the
Ind. VLs at $2250.

Model Price Information

The Boxed Set

Complete On Top or On Side Screen Sets available with Disposable and/or Reusable Blades