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Bridging 80 years of Intubation and Traditional Laryngoscopy with the Newest State-of-the-Art Video Laryngoscope. “Impressive”, “Genius”, “Legendary”, “Wow”, “Fits in Any Drawer”, “Very Interesting”, “Feels like a Standard Laryngoscope”… introducing The Best in the Market, the Vimac Video Laryngoscope. Endorsed by the Inventor of “All” Video Laryngoscopes, Dr. Jon Berall.





Introducing Vimac: Dr. Jon Berall, Inventor of “All” Video Laryngoscopes, at PGA73 Anesthesia Conference in NYC at the Marriot Marquis, demonstrating the New Vimac VL Scope features to attendees. These include commonly available interchangeable battery, one key control, direct power cap, all metal structure and water resistant.

Intro to Laryngoscopy

Dr. Jon Jack Berall, inventor of the Video Laryngoscope, presents a fast-read graphics slideshow regarding standard and video laryngoscopy. He explains why proximal camera placement is not equivalent to distal camera placement on a video laryngoscope.

Serpent Blade

An improved Laryngoscope, featuring a blade shaped for improved opening of the lower jaw, and superior displacement of the tongue during intubation. The Serpent Blade also allows the “Jaw Thrust” move to be performed single handedly, from the L-scope handle. Its unique shape avoids damage to the teeth of the lower jaw.


A documentary of huge medical and massive greed, pushing inferior products, attempting to crush the intubation market by invalidating our patent. Investors are welcome in this battle to get the best instrument for this critical intubation procedure into the right hands ASAP. The Breath You Save May Be Your Own.
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